Tuesday 13 January 2015

Rest if you must - but then carry on.

Rest can refer to leisure, relaxation or sleep.  The Human needs rest for many reasons but to me  the best possible reason is so you can go back and start again.  You clear the head of all that brain junk that is accumulating in there, gosh I am pretty sure we all have some stored somewhere in there, I know I do but resting actually takes care of it, it takes it a way for a while, and to me this is why rest is vital to the Human spirit.

However we can never really clear the junk unless we get up, get moving and head forward in life.  As we get older life is going to put more junk in there, that's the way it is but we need to build up our resilience to tackle it.  Its okay to stop take a rest but then move on, this is how resilience is acquired, not staying in a state of rest.  Hey I would love to rest my life away for sure, but I might miss out on something waiting for me if I don't get up, get moving and move forward so I do need to wake from my rest to face what is around the corner.

We can be certain of our past, but we can never be certain of our future, no one can yet we waste a lot of time trying to control an unknown, it really is a waste.  Our past we cant change, but also that is not a problem because hey it has got us to where we are meant to be, it has shaped the type of person we are so again a lot of time is spent wasting energy on something that cant be changed.
The present that is exactly this moment in time, the time when you should be aware of what is happening it may be good or it may be bad but remember it was yesterdays future and will be tomorrows past so it is also something we cannot can control.  What we can control is how much we are aware of it and try to make the most of it. Sure it can be pretty average the present, you could be at work something unremarkable or sad can be there, but it is the only place you know where you are for sure.  So whatever activity try to stay in the present.  Great relationships and friendships are cultivated this way.

If the present is unpleasant remember take time to rest, restore you energy and clear the brain junk
 but then get up, get moving and move on.  It is in your power only to make life the best you can, no  one else is responsible for this, you want to buy things, take holidays eat out etc, then work earn money and spend it how you want never be envious of another.  The twist and turns of life everyone has, ever wondered how some people seem to overcome them, they will take a rest and then they will get up and move on.

  Anything you want to do take a rest first then get up and move forward, life will be a lot more  fulfilling for yourself and you will then be able to share more of yourself with others.

Make it a great moment
Until next time.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Ride through the Storm.

Storms can create havoc and destruction but they can also be something exciting and once got through a story to be talked about.

Life is a bit like a storm you start out with a plan in your head and hence then the problem may arise.
As the famous quote goes "what screws us up most is the picture in our head of how its supposed to be"

This is why we need to be prepared for them,just like you would prepare your property if a storm was coming and they will and then will pass and then  will come again.  Remember storms are going to show up in life, everyone is going to experience them but if we prepare properly ourselves , we will get through them and we will realise that we survived.   We may even learn something from them and share with others,life is meant to be shared.

For me I believe we do have to have some planning in life and some routine but it must always be flexible as the unexpected can show up anytime and if you prepare you will get through.  However the preparation and planning can be in the background.  Life is meant to be lived and not sitting around worrying about the upcoming storms as we cant stop them they are going to happen and they will continue, once you get through one, another will come your way so preparation is important but living in the present moment is more important.  Our only guarantee is right here right now so with the start of a New Year about to come around again, remember don't get carried away with what might happen, instead enjoy what is happening.

Make it a great day
Until next time.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Love - Set free


Love what is love. To love unconditionally it means you accept the person just as they are flaws and all. We as humans sometimes think to love another is for our benefit but to really love another is for their benefit. We are complete as we are and we are also flawed as we are through our own life experiences - deep inside we all know this. We need to first recognize this in our self and love our self (not our ego) though our self our soul. When we love oneself like this we then can truly love another human being. Been human we are going to always fall off that pedestal that someone puts us on when they tell us they love us - because no one is perfect. Think of when you 1st meet someone you accept them (but do you really) are you secretly trying to mold them into what you think is perfect love for you - again this is ego. Love is that person been exactly who they are meant to be. They are going to let you down, everyone is but that is life. Life lets you down nothing is finite its always changing. When you have true love of oneself (not your ego) you will always be able to show others what love is but until then you are only going to cause some hate bitterness, greed and all the nasties like that. Try to go out today and spread love - the world sure needs more of if as whenever we see the news today there is so much suffering. LOVE LOVE LOVE
LOVE will always speak truth though and sometimes tough love is just as important.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, it always protects, always trust,always hopes, always peserveres.

This is what I wrote some time back and I was hurting very deeply (my own family know how much), do I want other people to know how much not really but if I don't share (which itself is a part of love) then others may hide behind their mask as well and it is when we are in hiding that other nasties do make their presence known to our soul. Love sometimes becomes hate, but most people know hate is not the opposite of love only indifference is.

Unfortunately while I cant divulge much here I am witnessing another breakdown of a very long relationship between a couple with wonderful children and again appearing to the outside world to have it all. This makes me sad for them for society and for our teachings to our children. Is life so selfish that we are lazy and cant be bothered to stay when the going gets tough. I actually don't think this, for me I believe we can never really love unconditionally until we have our love of self and repaired the brokeness within our our soul. In a relationship one person may have done this and will love unconditionally however the relationship will not be complete ever if the other has not. Sure we can mimic it, we can appear to have it all but it will be a toxic love and toxic love is not love.

So while I don't advocate broken marriages I do understand that a toxic relationship is not a relationship it mimics what society says is normal so for me myself I know I wont fully commit again until it is 2 souls together that can love themselves 1st unconditionally. No offense is intended to anyone as I know we need to do what is right for our own life and sometimes staying may be the answer.

To me find yourself, be free, play with abandon like a child and live in the present.

I am grateful also that I live in a time of freedom of speech - this really is my opinion so feel free to share your thoughts.

Make the present great

Until next time.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Go from here to there.

Travel why to do this and why you need it.  Its a great way to rejuvenate oneself, its a journey, its a new experience,  its wonder, its excitement, its escapism and actually a lot of other things and this is why is must be done.
Life is a journey and if  we never travelled we would never experience it to its full potential.  You do not grow if you stay in the one place and thus if you do not visit other places you can become predictable stunted in growth.  One does not need to go far to travel though.  We think of all the exotic locations to visit, the fun spots, the tourist spots, the must do spots but any travel whether just out to a day on a local lake, a visit to a nearby suburb even, can be just as fun as that round the world trip you dream of taking.  Remember most of us probably want to make that trip but in the meantime take time to travel and it can be just close to home and affordable.  Try camping in the car if funds are tight it may be a memory you will hold dear into your older life, your kids might think it was one of the best holidays ever had, because hey camping in a car can be pretty adventurous.  We have done it, sometimes it was forced upon us, due to breakdown, tiredness from driving and other causes but we still chat about that time we camped next to our car on the side of the road in the early hours and the time we got stuck in the snow.  So travel always. It can be close or far, just as long as you go from here to there.

Flying is to me one of life's luxuries.  How it is possible to reach a destination in a quicker time, but again there must always be joy in the journey and not necessarily the destination.  Next time you think of boarding a plane and the monotony of the flight try to appreciate it instead.  Grab a book read, look out at the stars, the clouds the houses below, the ocean relax meditate it can all be done on a flight but sometimes we again miss these things.  Why is that we always seem to want to rush into the next part, remember to appreciate it all as it is, the journey the travel, the destination, one on its own is not a whole lot of worth but all together it become completeness.
Very much like life all together we become a community, a society and a world.

Each time you travel it leaves footprints in your soul, it nourishes you and enriches you so travel whether close or far, go today and make that journey. Walk the block, experience something close in your own neigbourhood for this too is travel.
I am sure most people on their death bed would say they wish they had done more, instead of saying I wish I had more.

Our time on earth has no guarantee and as a nation we yesterday witnessed how life can be taken in the blink of an eye.  My heart goes out to everyone involved in the siege in Sydney and this is when we look at life and ponder our future, we cant know it for its an unknown so while in the present remember to take time to go from here to there and enjoy it for what it is a journey.

Make it a great moment.

Until next time.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Is greener grass really better.

Why do you think it always seems that the grass is greener elsewhere, are we just an envious bunch by nature.  You see I think this way often, especially in the days of social media and the internet, everyone seems to have a lot more than me, is more successful than me and going more places than me actually doing a whole more it appears with their life than me.

Then I get a grip and say guess what it actually isn't  true, we just sometimes project this image mainly for ourselves and maybe for society as emphasis really is placed in this modern world on success.  Don't get me wrong I plan to have a successful life, I want a successful life and there is indeed nothing wrong with this plan and this want.

What is wrong with thinking greener pastures are better is you comparing your lot in life to others, seeing them in that fabulous job, driving an amazing car, exotic holidays, great house and so on.  It is in this comparison that we then think hey I don't have all that so my life is worth nothing its brown.

Guess what we are wrong our life is worth just as much as everyone else's,the exact same, no more or no less, it is a worthwhile life.  Having dreams, desires and goals may help you achieve the greener grass but not having dreams, desires or goals is not really a problem either.  We are told to pursue goals for success, sure this is a good thing, but if in pursuit of that goal of green grass,you forget about what you have already accomplished and the beautiful brown fields of grass you have already crossed is the achievement of the goal worth it.

For it is in life's journey that miracles, blessings, opportunities,new adventure and lots of other exciting things arrive in our life and if we are so intent on heading towards what we think is greener grass we may miss out on our life while playing around in the brown grass.

New life turns up each spring and the grass is still green, but seasons change, life goes on and the grass changes colour.  However life still lives in each living plant animal or organism  no matter the colour of the grass.

For this little fellow below and (please don't ask me what it is), because I have no idea the brown land is where it wants to be, it doesn't need to chase green grass for life, it is going about in its day, living, surviving and enjoying the journey, so we must sometimes take a little notice of mother nature.

Then again the colours can become blurred , but if they never did, flowers beautiful fields of different other colours and rainbows would be missed.  So I say yes to all colours of nature live in them, enjoy them for what they are and remember the greener grass is not always the place you think it is.

Your mind is powerful tool, use it to your best advantage and life will be colourful with many twist and turns.

I do promise I wont blog obsessively but remembering how much fun it was and my enjoyment from photos I may return more often than before or I may not because I may be playing in they murky brown grass for a while.

Make it a great day

Until next time.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Keep it real it really is Okay.

Well it has been ever so long since I started this blog.  Now I have decided to re visit blogging.  Not so much this time for my creative endeavours but more so for my own spiritual journey and the new direction my life has taken.

I do not mind one bit if it is never read because it is only for myself that my journey takes a new path. When I originally blogged I appeared to come from the happy family that everyone else was envious of.  However it was when I started to do little things for myself that the happy family unit started to dissolve.  I needed to do this though otherwise my real self would have stayed buried living a life that someone else thought was right for me.

I am by no way perfect and I do not mind as it is not perfection that I want my life to be.  For me it is about living, staying present and understanding that I will never have control I am just a number in this universe doing what everyone does on a daily basis.  You get up eat, work whether its paid or not, go to bed sleep.   But it is all those little spaces in between our days that actually make your own life yours and it is those same choices that create every individual person and also keep them growing into becoming the person they are meant to be and this is something never ever be afraid of.

Each of us is going to have many highs and lows for that is life but it is those lows that really show the strength  that is within our soul, our heart or body.  Remember always to try and appreciate them as painful as they may be and for some that pain can be so overwhelming you will never understand at the time why you suffer and all you want to do is escape it.  Unfortunately you cannot, life doesn't work like that so try to find some blessing in each day no matter how hard and ride the wave of pain so you are aware when that low wave then becomes a high.

Today a young family mourn the tragic loss of their young son, none of us unless suffered this ourselves can fully comprehend the amount of grief and pain they must be going through so keep them close to your heart count your own blessings and hug and love everyone you know not for your benefit as I say but for theirs.

Make it a great moment - one moment at a time.

Until next time.