Sunday, 21 January 2018

Home is a favourite

After 3 weeks away 2 plane trips across Australia and lots of kilometres travelled in NSW and Vic seeing new sights and meeting up with relations and friends again, some I haven't seen for more than 20 years it really makes me smile to walk into my home.

Day 1 home and Shakira doing what she loves doing anything creative and mum smiling seeing how happy everyone is to be home. After all if you are not happy home, where are you really going to be happy.

It was a nice break from routine and also very busy travelling around the countryside, most of the time it was just me and the kids covering lots of miles and the kids seeing some sights they had never been to before. We even spotted snow on the mountain tops and I am sure the kids would have had me drive them to it if we could have made it.

While over there John, Vic and the family also were there. They spent most of their time with Johns mum but we managed to squeeze in some time with them at the farm and also had dinner out with them as both families were in Melbourne the same night as well.

Day 1 at the farm and there were grasshoppers everywhere, we delighted in running through them and the hire car sure was a mess, but as time went by so did the grasshoppers.

Once again I am so happy to be home though as staying with relatives is not always easy.

Make it a great time.
Until next time.

7 year old diet tips.

We were going out for the lunch the other day and I always try to advise the kids to make a relative healthy choice for lunch though not always successful.

Shakira was in the mood for a healthy choice and told me that she would only have sorbet nothing else. When the lady at the counter ask how many scoops I gave Shakira the choice. She chose 3 scoops. Later that night she asked us what 99 + 99 + 99 would equal. Not really thinking anymore Allan gave her the answer of 297. She started jumping and going Woo Hoo I ate 297% fat free today. I still hadn't caught on and asked what she was talking about. Well she explained I had 3 scoops of 99% fat free sorbet so I am 297% fat free now.

Now I am off to go and try this new diet tip, lots of sorbet for the day should make up for all the chocolate I ate last week right?.

Just before leaving a snapshot of little baby Cody who is now 5 weeks old. It has been the last week of school holidays so we have been able to catch up with friends and relations. Thus my lack of blogging.
Just way too cute.

Make it a great Sunday.
Until next time.

Australia my way.

On my blog post below I mentioned about not living in a traditional style home. I actually didn't really think anyone would have noticed it but a message showed up in my Face book inbox and I only checked it just now. Sorry Face book messaging is not a strength I have.

The message just asked what not a conventional home meant, so having saved this image that showed up also on Face book I thought I would share. Oh dear Face book doesn't let anything escape.

This is a photo of my mums cousin on my bike, they came to visit us when my dad was working out on a property in rural NSW, I am not sure of the kids in the background I may be the one in red shirt and the man in the background in the blue is my dad.

That bus was my home for a little while and I still remember those interesting days. My dad worked for a big company planning channels and irrigation and as they owned lots of properties we moved about quiet a bit when I was a child. So this my friend is what I call not a conventional home and this is why I didn't have a telephone when growing up.

Beyond that bus is vast open space and not many trees. Ah I have progressed and if the caveman appears in me every so often you may understand why. Ask me today to move to the country and you will have to pry me away with a tow truck but as a child I loved my life, though not really sure my mum did. She had a lovely conventional home near her family when she packed up and went on an adventure with my dad.

Make today a great memory.
Until next time.