Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Rest if you must - but then carry on.

Rest can refer to leisure, relaxation or sleep.  The Human needs rest for many reasons but to me  the best possible reason is so you can go back and start again.  You clear the head of all that brain junk that is accumulating in there, gosh I am pretty sure we all have some stored somewhere in there, I know I do but resting actually takes care of it, it takes it a way for a while, and to me this is why rest is vital to the Human spirit.

However we can never really clear the junk unless we get up, get moving and head forward in life.  As we get older life is going to put more junk in there, that's the way it is but we need to build up our resilience to tackle it.  Its okay to stop take a rest but then move on, this is how resilience is acquired, not staying in a state of rest.  Hey I would love to rest my life away for sure, but I might miss out on something waiting for me if I don't get up, get moving and move forward so I do need to wake from my rest to face what is around the corner.

We can be certain of our past, but we can never be certain of our future, no one can yet we waste a lot of time trying to control an unknown, it really is a waste.  Our past we cant change, but also that is not a problem because hey it has got us to where we are meant to be, it has shaped the type of person we are so again a lot of time is spent wasting energy on something that cant be changed.
The present that is exactly this moment in time, the time when you should be aware of what is happening it may be good or it may be bad but remember it was yesterdays future and will be tomorrows past so it is also something we cannot can control.  What we can control is how much we are aware of it and try to make the most of it. Sure it can be pretty average the present, you could be at work something unremarkable or sad can be there, but it is the only place you know where you are for sure.  So whatever activity try to stay in the present.  Great relationships and friendships are cultivated this way.

If the present is unpleasant remember take time to rest, restore you energy and clear the brain junk
 but then get up, get moving and move on.  It is in your power only to make life the best you can, no  one else is responsible for this, you want to buy things, take holidays eat out etc, then work earn money and spend it how you want never be envious of another.  The twist and turns of life everyone has, ever wondered how some people seem to overcome them, they will take a rest and then they will get up and move on.

  Anything you want to do take a rest first then get up and move forward, life will be a lot more  fulfilling for yourself and you will then be able to share more of yourself with others.

Make it a great moment
Until next time.